crooked letters

1 Hurricanes are better than Christmas

2 I Can't Take Any (Michael) Moore

2.5 Statement of Surface

3 Slippery Docks and Thickening Spaces

4 A Few of My Favorite Things

5 Your Momma, Your Daddy, Your Itchy Itchy Gram Mammie (Trash Talking with Me and Eminem)

6.5 123 People Touched My Breasts in two weeks (and other strange but true tales)

7 Gentlemen, It's not inches but minutes that matter

8 Trickle Up Journalism 101: 10.5 Ways to Make Media that Matters

9 Raggedy Broke Ass Shit: A curmudgeonly smudge

10 Fool of a Milestone

11 If I were a conniving Republican Politico

12 The Lust-Love Matrix

14 Sheilaphilia: A very short monologue about a oh so terrible affliction

15 Single-Minded

16 Shelter

25 Tis Sheila’s Season to be in a Deeper than Deep Blue Funk

26 Curmudgeonly Crank: A piece of my mind in two parts

27 Covering My Ass, Part One

28 Covering My Ass, Part Two

29 Hello Cruel World, a review of a reviewer, an indirect review

30 Even bees do it, unless cell phones mess up their navigational systems: a meditation of science in the news

31 Baby unlove: My subjective, slightly catty opinion on the art of autobiographical narrative

Much, though not all, of the content on this website is adult. Caveat lector-televisor.
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crooked letters are non-fiction pieces- mainly autobiographical in nature, often slightly experimental in form- sent to subscribers via email starting in 2005. The idea was to write an essay a week, which, obviously, did not happen, but I think I will get 52 crooked letters written and posted at some point or the other.

The number system is somewhat haphazard, because I would start letters and not finish them but feel like the number was reserved for those unfinished thoughts. I also got pretty dang sick in 2006 and lost track of where I was in my numberings and just guessed. I'll go back and fill in the missing numbers later.

Reading over some of these pdf's I realize there are some significant typos, which are annoying as all get out but will not be fixed until later.